ColdFusion Crash

Have a CF Emergency? Slow CF app or crashing server. We can help.

Slow ColdFusion Applications

Are your ColdFusion applications running slowly? Are visitors abandoning your site due to pages taking forever to load? High rates of site abandonment can result in lost revenue and affect your bottom line.

Slow applications can be caused by a variety of problems within the application code itself as well as how your servers are configured. TeraTech has a team of application specialists that can properly diagnose what is causing your application to slow down and develop a treatment plan to get you back up to speed.

Crashing ColdFusion Server

Is your ColdFusion server crashing? Taking down all your apps and causing your users and senior management to be upset.

Server crashes can be caused by a number of seemly unrelated issues in the CF server, Java Virtual Machine, SQL database and OS. TeraTech experts can diagnose what the root cause is and bring your applications back to full health

We do Load Testing and Performance Tuning to prevent future crashes. Helping you implement best practices, performance monitoring and determining hardware needs for the projected load. We can set up load balancing and clustering for high performance systems.

ColdFusion Common Problems and Issues

Preventing and diagnosing ColdFusion server crashes and slowdowns

  • Are your ColdFusion applications running slow or even crashing the server?
  • Are you concerned about what increasing load will do the reliability of your application?
  • Do you want to protect your organization's reputation for quality on the web?

Our CF experts are working very hard to keep your ColdFusion servers alive and performing to their full potential. And when your server is crashing or running slow their first step is to figure out what is going on and solve the problems fast so that your apps can be running reliably.

If your server is slow or sick we are working on how to:

  • continuously monitor and gather metrics on your production servers
  • diagnose server and application issues
  • keep servers alive with unattended monitoring

The next four steps in your CF server life:

  1. better server sizing business decisions
  2. improve application performance
  3. improve code quality
  4. measure exactly how your applications are performing over time


ColdFusion Database Tuning

Coldfusion Database issues are a very common cause for poor web application performance.

What is performance tuning in SQL?

Is your web application slowing down? Lucky you! Reduced speed is often the cost of popularity.

As demand for an application grows, its resources are taxed. The gears of the machine gum up and slow down. Alas, success has its downsides.

Most systems or networks have an ideal performance capacity, something akin to an “in shape” athlete playing at his or her highest level. Increased use and greater loads are weights strapped to that athlete’s legs and back. Performance tuning is the counter to those weights.

Most common ColdFusion performance tunning problems are:

  1. Inefficient schemas
  2. Missing or incorrect indexes
  3. Transaction strategy problems
  4. Poor caching strategy

Done properly, performance tuning can rejuvenate a slowing application.

Simple steps to optimize your ColdFusion database and its functions:

  1. Regular ColdFusion Maintenance
  2. Establishing good habits within your database
  3. Make sure your hardware is optimized, especially hard drives
  4. Preventative maintenance and nifty performance tuning together with testing the effectiveness of your performance tuning (Load testing)
  5. Load testing means simulating real-world usage and testing capacity.
  6. This can show your progress and uncover unseen inefficiencies

Get the Best Best ColdFusion Server Optimization

Perhaps one of the most enduring goals for you is optimal server uptime and performance. It is a daily challenge that needs to be addressed to make sure that your servers and applications run smoothly every time.

The key focus areas you should be aware of

  1. Planning

    TeraTech Experts aggressively enforce maintenance schedules and system configurations and double-check the work done, after which we coordinate your acquisitions and upgrades toward system availability and performance.

  2. We make sure you do your PMS

    Preventative maintenance is 100% easier and better than a full system repair. It’s just like changing the oil in your car. Better to do it now, than buy a new engine later.

  3. Take advantage of monitoring and management tools

    These tools were created to make your life easier. TeraTech experts are trained to use them to your advantage and to gain proper insight into what is causing your server to lag and track how the downtime is hurting your business’ bottom line.

  4. TeraTech helps you to increase your security

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many servers do not have adequate protection.


TeraTech Case Studies

We work with a wide range of organizations all over the world, from corporations to government agencies. Because of our dedication for doing what we say, and providing our services at the promised budget and within the time-frame given, our clients are grateful they chose to hire us.

To show you exactly what TeraTech has done for others, and how we can provide similar CF solutions for your organization, we’ve added some recent case studies below. Of course, all organizations and companies are different, but we want to make it clear that we give every one of our clients the same “white glove treatment” we provided for these organizations.

"I think the most impressive thing to me about TeraTech is what I mentioned earlier in this to communication. The communication has been spot on. Uh, we've worked with consultants in the past that, uh, have not necessarily delivered on that. And I have felt that every step of the way I knew what was going on and I knew that if caretech said something, they were actually going to deliver on that. And that means a lot because that's not always the case when you're working with consultants."

Anthony Moore
Director of Information Systems
Lindsey Wilson College
Columbia KY

"I don't like my work product that I'm paying, you know, if the money of our students in our institution to go to a form with some check boxes and the work product from TeraTech was, was fantastic. It was not only a full set of test results that was sort of in that form format, but also, um, very well detailed question and answer and um, uh, s uh, concern points and compliance and best practice points at weren't form. "

Brad Metzler

Sr. Network Engineer

Concordia University

ColdFusion Security Audit and Code Review

"When I arrived at TIA and had a quick look around at what we were using and how we were using it, I've found a 20 year old application that was written in ColdFusion. Turns out it was written by at least three groups of programmers, so it went through three transitions. Add in a 20-year old application written in ColdFusion. It had been through three generations of programmers, so there was at least three styles and three designs reflected in the source code and the database and were not a ColdFusion, or even a trained technician.

We have some shelf teaching of course, but I had to reach out, and find someone who could help me with it. It's not perfect because it was 20 years old, and every time we upgrade something, we get unusual results and the code itself does not come out perfect.

So when we hit an instance where we couldn't get through it, I needed someone I could lean on and I turned to TeraTech. I did a search and found them to be well known in the industry, good at a really good reputation around ColdFusion. Their main office location that I found was in Rockville, Maryland. We're in Northern Virginia, and they were close by, so it made the call got introduced and they went from there."

George Nicolson


Director IT