ColdFusion Services: Protect Your CF App From the 9 Dark Riders of Mordor

TeraTech ColdFusion experts will keep you safe from the nine Dark Riders of Mordor (CF maintenance headaches), Orcs (CF security) and Goblins (CF crashes) that roam Middleware-earth. 

Our CF wizards have decades of combined experience in creating, modernizing and maintaining CF applications.

Are you worried about the risks to your mission-critical legacy ColdFusion applications? Has years of technical debt got you down? (Old CF versions, out-of-date CF libraries and frameworks, poorly written error-prone and insecure CFML code, ...)

If you are starting to feel more lost than Frodo and friends in the Mines of Moria, surrounded by dead valiant code of days of yore, then we can help. Start making predictable progress on new features. Let our ColdFusion expert wizards rescue your project!

Here Are the Nine Dangerous Dark Riders from Mordor That We Can Help You Avoid:

  • Rider 1: Revenue depending on unstable CF app
    • You’re responsible for a revenue-generating application that you don’t trust 100%.
  • Rider 2: No contingency plan
    • You have no contingency plan for a sudden developer departure or a server outage.
  • Rider 3: Feature backlog
    • Implementing new features is a painful, ad-hoc process.
  • Rider 4: Slow fixes
    • Your existing supplier provides slow or best-availability turnaround, even for simple requests.
  • Rider 5: AWOL CF dev
    • Your existing developer went snowboarding and never came back after a Goblin attack.
  • Rider 6: Wack-a-mole fixes
    • Every time a new freelancer works on the site, something breaks.
  • Rider 7: Crashing app
    • Application availability (and reliability) is poor.
  • Rider 8: Bankrupt tech debt
    • Technical debt is so high that your "IT bank account" doesn't want to know the balance.
  • Rider 9: No transition plan
    • You’d like to consider other options but you don’t have a transition plan.

Get on a TeraTech maintenance plan and guard your mission-critical, revenue-generating ColdFusion application with a predictable cost.

Our CF DevOps best practices reduce lost revenue due to downtime and avoidable errors. Plus protect your business reputation by increasing reliability for your custom ColdFusion application.

Secure Your ColdFusion App

Are you concerned about a band of smelly and badly dressed Orcs hacking into your ColdFusion server and destroying your app's data or worse? Our CF security wizards can audit your CFML code, discover dangerous security holes and suggest patches for your CF server.


Typical issues we look for include

  • Unsafe File Uploads
  • Remote Code Execution risks
  • CFLocation session break in
  • SQL Injection attacks
  • Application Setting vulnerabilities
  • CFInclude Wildcard attacks
  • Path Traversal attacks
  • Insecure Session Cookies
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Misinstalled CF hotfixes
  • JVM patches missing or misinstalled
  • Missing zero day patches

Then like busy dwarves digging for mithril deep in the mountains of Moria, we can remediate both your app's code vulnerabilities and CF server hacking issues.

Emergency Proof Your ColdFusion App for Reliable Swiftness

Have a CF emergency? Slow CF app or crashing server? We can help.

Optimize a Slow ColdFusion Applications

Are your ColdFusion applications running slowly? Are visitors abandoning your site due to pages taking forever to load? High rates of site abandonment can result in lost revenue and affect your bottom line. Just like rogue Goblins crawling over your office and stealing all your gold.


Slow applications can be caused by a variety of problems within the application code itself, as well as how your servers are configured. The TeraTech team of CF application wizards can properly diagnose the what is causing your application to slow down and develop a treasure map to get you back up to speed.

Repair a Crashing ColdFusion Server

Is your ColdFusion server crashing? Taking down all your apps and upsetting your users (not to mention senior management)?

Server crashes can be caused by a number of seemingly unrelated issues in the CF server, Java Virtual Machine, SQL database and OS. TeraTech CF experts can diagnose the root cause and bring your applications back to full health.

Here are just some of the ways we help repair your crashing server:

  • Load Testing
    • We simulate realistic site load using scripted user behaviors for common site tasks
    • We test at expected site traffic levels to find existing problems
    • And test at much higher traffic levels to proactively find future architecture bottlenecks (aka destructive load testing)
  • Determining hardware needs for the projected load.
    • Using the load test results we can help you plan for the future: how many CPUs and how much memory  you will need to reliably support your traffic growth rate.
    • Thereby avoiding future crashes and slowdowns before they even happen!
  • Performance Tuning
    • We adjust the CF admin configuration, JVM parameters and database settings for a fast and reliable app
  • Implement CF code best practices
    • We identify slow parts of your CF and SQL code, then speed them up using best practices
    • Any database locking conflicts and race conditions are found and addressed correctly
  • Performance monitoring
    • We install modern CF performance monitoring tools and configure them to proactively alert us and you of looming performance issues.
  • Set up Load Balancing and Clustering
    • For the ultimate high performance apps we can help you set up and configure multiple CF servers in a cluster to share the expected load.
    • This both increases site speed and redundancy, which gives your app super reliability.
    • It also makes doing server maintenance and upgrades a snap. Because taking one server down does not take down the cluster and the app continues running.
    • We work both with on prem hardware clusters and with virtual cloud clusters.

Even a "ColdFusion Balrog" at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm cannot pass by us!

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Develop Your ColdFusion App

TeraTech has developed sophisticated data-driven websites for hundreds of medium-sized companies across the USA. Our ColdFusion gurus have decades of experience. And like all good wizards, we are skilled not just in CF database applications and full-stack website development, but also in understanding client needs and managing projects so your app comes in both on time and on budget. Don't get lost in the code mountains of Mordor -- let us successfully turn your vision into CF reality.

Read TeraTech Case Studies

We focus on helping CIOs at medium-sized (50-500 staff) US companies with ColdFusion modernization and maintenance. If you are facing CF "Ringwraiths" attacking your valuable apps, then you can rely on us to guide you to safety.

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