TeraTech ColdFusion experts have decades of combined experience in creating and maintaining CF applications.

Together with our in-depth knowledge of ColdFusion server tuning and security audits we can develop better than most in house software teams.

Legacy ColdFusion Maintenance and Updates

Remove the worry and risk from your revenue-generating ColdFusion applications. Start making predictable progress on new features. Let our ColdFusion experts rescue your project.

Do these sound familiar?

  • You’re responsible for a revenue-generating application that you don’t trust 100%
  • You have no contingency plan for a sudden developer departure or a server outage
  • Implementing new features is a painful, ad-hoc process
  • Your existing supplier provides slow or best-availability turnaround, even for simple requests
  • Your existing developer went snowboarding and never came back
  • Every time a new freelancer works on the site, something breaks
  • Application availability (and reliability) is poor
  • You’d like to consider other options but you don’t have a transition plan

TeraTech helps you protect your custom, revenue-generating ColdFusion application with a predictable-cost, rapid transition to a more stable, maintainable state.

Industry-standard DevOps best practices reduce lost revenue due to downtime and avoidable errors.

You gain:

  • More flexibility and agility through better control of critical information like your codebase, documentation, and known issues
  • More stability through DevOps best practices
  • Cost savings, by avoiding turnover in your freelance developers

Protect your business reputation by increasing reliability for your custom ColdFusion application.

TeraTech Case Studies

We work with a wide range of organizations all over the world, from corporations to government agencies. Because of our dedication for doing what we say, and providing our services at the promised budget and within the time-frame given, our clients are grateful they chose to hire us.

To show you exactly what TeraTech has done for others, and how we can provide similar CF solutions for your organization, we’ve added some recent case studies below. Of course, all organizations and companies are different, but we want to make it clear that we give every one of our clients the same “white glove treatment” we provided for these organizations.

"I think the most impressive thing to me about TeraTech is that the communication has been spot-on. We've worked with consultants in the past that have not necessarily delivered on that. With TeraTech I felt that every step of the way I knew what was going on and I knew that if TeraTech said something, they were actually going to deliver on it. And that means a lot."

"The work product from TeraTech was fantastic. It was not only a full set of test results but also a very detailed question-and-answer section about code concerns, compliance and best practices. "

Anthony Moore

"I don't like my work product that I'm paying, you know, if the money of our students in our institution to go to a form with some check boxes and the work product from TeraTech was, was fantastic. It was not only a full set of test results that was sort of in that form format, but also, um, very well detailed question and answer and um, uh, s uh, concern points and compliance and best practice points at weren't form. "

Brad Metzler