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TeraTech ColdFusion experts have decades of combined experience in CF development and creating CF applications.

Together with our in-depth knowledge of ColdFusion server tuning and security audits we can develop better than most in house software teams.

TeraTech has developed sophisticated data-driven web sites for a wide range of organizations, from corporations to government agencies. Our ColdFusion experts have years of experience — not just in database applications and website development, but also in understanding client needs and managing projects so they come in on time and on budget. We can successfully turn your vision into reality.

ColdFusion Application Development Problem Identification and Fix

TeraTech ColdFusion experts have decades of combined experience in developing and maintaining ColdFusion applications.

We work with a wide range of organizations all over the world, from corporations to government agencies. Because of our dedication to doing what we say, and providing our services at the promised budget and within the time-frame given, our clients are grateful they chose to hire us.

Together with our in-depth knowledge of Adobe ColdFusion, we can help with CF development and updates better than most in house software teams.

Typical engagements involve highly aggressive time-restraints to get business-critical systems running smoothly. Building on our consulting infrastructure and vast experience, we’re able to offer the fastest route to identifying and solving your problems.

ColdFusion Development Common Problems and Issues

TeraTech helps you protect your custom, revenue-generating ColdFusion application with a predictable-cost, rapid transition to a more stable, maintainable state.

Industry-standard DevOps best practices reduce lost revenue due to downtime and avoidable errors.

Our engineers work flexibly and quickly adapt to fit with your requirements – whether you need a quick fix of your problem, or prefer our ColdFusion experts to step in full, and develop your apps autonomously, we can help.

Our ColdFusion experts are cross-technology trained & certified.

ColdFusion’s built-in efficiency tricks make application development:

  1. more productive.

  2. faster.

Leading an IT operation is uniquely problematic: too often, you can fall victim to your own success. And your popularity could lead to your downfall.
It seems ideal: being so popular, people are breaking down doors to get to your service or app. Yet high demand for your outrageously awesome product or service causes a spike in traffic and can crash the whole application.
ColdFusion can deal with your popularity. (Don’t worry, it won’t get jealous.)

To show you exactly what TeraTech has done for others, and how we can provide similar CF web development solutions for your organization, we’ve added some recent case studies below. Of course, all organizations and companies are different, but we want to make it clear that we give every one of our clients the same “white glove treatment” we provided for these organizations.

"When I arrived at TIA and had a quick look around at what we were using and how we were using it, I've found a 20 year old application that was written in ColdFusion. Turns out it was written by at least three groups of programmers, so it went through three transitions. Add in a 20-year old application written in ColdFusion. It had been through three generations of programmers, so there was at least three styles and three designs reflected in the source code and the database and were not a ColdFusion, or even a trained technician.

We have some shelf teaching of course, but I had to reach out, and find someone who could help me with it. It's not perfect because it was 20 years old, and every time we upgrade something, we get unusual results and the code itself does not come out perfect.

So when we hit an instance where we couldn't get through it, I needed someone I could lean on and I turned to TeraTech. I did a search and found them to be well known in the industry, good at a really good reputation around ColdFusion. Their main office location that I found was in Rockville, Maryland. We're in Northern Virginia, and they were close by, so it made the call got introduced and they went from there."

George Nicolson
Director IT

TeraTech Adobe ColdFusion Development Services

By growing your business, there are some obstacles on the way. We at TeraTech want to make sure that ColdFusion development, performance tuning and load testing at regular intervals will make sure your app and servers can handle that growth, letting your product updates and new ideas quickly become money-makers.

TeraTech's Adobe ColdFusion Web Development provide solutions on:

  • ColdFusion Web Application Development

  • ColdFusion Web Service Development