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Class Schedule

CU232  -   Simon Horwith and Joe Rinehart - Flex for Developers

Price: $449.00
Location: DC Convention Center
Class begins at 9:00am
Class ends at 5:00pm
CFUnited Pre-Conference Class

  for the Jun 16, 2008 class.
Class Description:

In this session, Joe Rinehart and Simon Horwith will tag team to offer a full day of materials packed with everything a CF developer needs to know to start using Flex immediately. Students will learn all of the fundamentals of Flex including how to create layouts, interactive interfaces, and navigation. Among other things, they will also learn how to use Object Oriented ActionScript, View States, and Data Bindings to create feature rich applications. Extra time will be taken to learn the various techniques that are available to allow Flex and ColdFusion applications to communicate. ColdFusion developers should leave this class armed with the knowledge they need to create Flex front-ends for existing CF applications as well as the tools necessary to be effective as a Flex developer.