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CU237  -  Charlie - Arehart CF911: Solving CF Performance and Reliability Prob

Price: $449.00
Location: DC Convention Center
Class begins at 9:00am
Class ends at 5:00pm
CFUnited Pre-Conference Class

  for the Jun 17, 2008 class.
Class Description:

Got a dead, dying, or poorly performing server? If you're having problems and don't know where to turn, you're not alone. Many CF shops find themselves challenged to understand and resolve the problems that plague their site. The good news is that with knowledge comes understanding. The answers are often there: you just need to know where to look and how to interpret them.

In this day-long class, veteran ColdFusion troubleshooter Charlie Arehart will lead developers and administrators in an overview of the many resources available for solving problems, from information reported within CF logs, to available free and commercial monitoring tools. He'll also point out valuable informational resources available from Adobe and other CF experts.
He'll outline several common problems that trouble CF sites, but more important he'll show you how to use the combination of logging information, monitoring tools, and informational resources to help you be able to find and resolve other problems on your own. Regardless of what version of CF you're using (from 4 through 8) or even other CFML engines, many of the resources and techniques offered will apply to all engines