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Class Schedule

CU233  -  Matt Woodward - OO Programming with Mach-II

Price: $449.00
Location: DC Convention Center
Class begins at 9:00am
Class ends at 5:00pm
CFUnited Pre-Conference Class

  for the Jun 16, 2008 class.
Class Description:

In this one-day hands-on course you will learn the basics of object-oriented programming in ColdFusion starting from the ground up. We will discuss the fundamental concepts behind OOP, do basic domain modeling, and build powerful, flexible business objects that will serve as the backbone for a small but real-world sample application.

With the objects in place, we will then build the front-end of the application using the Mach-II framework. The major emphasis in this course will be on OOP in ColdFusion, but building a Mach-II front-end for the application will serve as a nice introduction to Mach-II.